Construction Traffic Management

Construction Traffic Management

For developers and contractors, effective construction traffic control in Melbourne, is an essential prerequisite of almost every building project. Not only is there a need for on-going traffic management, but periodic events during the construction process (for example the need to deliver or remove heavy plant on-site, or a different phase of construction commencing) also require responsive traffic management. As highly experienced and knowledgeable construct traffic management professionals, we are able to create an environment that’s safe for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Customised construction traffic control plan

No two construction sites are ever the same, which is why a tailored traffic management plan (TMP) is vital. Our company is a VicRoads Pre-Qualified organisation. What this means is that any traffic control plan for construction sites that we design automatically satisfies the regulations that Victoria has in place when it comes to construction site traffic management. Use us and there’s no need to seek additional approvals or check compliance: our company has the skill set and appropriate approvals to do this for you.

FREE construction TMP

First Traffic Management provides a FREE construction TMP to any customer who subsequently uses us to implement it. We offer the construct traffic management Melbourne developers and construction companies can depend on to provide a complete solution. Our team takes care of every facet of your traffic management: from initial scoping and plan design through to implementation and on-going monitoring, we provide a complete, end-to-end traffic control solution.

Melbourne-based traffic management team

Since our inception in 2013, First Traffic Management has provided the control of vehicle movements for a number of large-scale construction projects in the local area. These have included: the Myer Emporium project; the Metro Rail Bridge Replacement project; and level crossings removals at several locations. As we are Melbourne-based, we have excellent local knowledge of the road networks and the likely hot spots where additional traffic control measures will be needed. As the preferred traffic management company for Melbourne projects, we are also able to successfully manage schemes in the greater Melbourne area.

Personnel and specialist equipment included

When you use us to construct traffic control, Melbourne construction companies can expect that all the equipment and personnel necessary to achieve a suitable level of traffic control will be provided. We have a team of well-presented, courteous and highly skilled workers on hand to deal with the day-to-day running of your traffic control. In addition, our team will set up all the necessary equipment to implement your traffic management system. This includes everything from signage through to water barriers and utes to patrol the system once it’s running. If your project requires a piece of equipment that we don’t have in-house, we will hire it. There’s no need for you to do anything – just tell us what you’re looking for and our expert traffic control team will do the rest.

Total construction traffic management option

Using us for your traffic management ensures you receive a complete solution that’s safe, dependable and complies with all Victoria’s regulations on construction traffic vehicle movements. We will:

  • listen to your requirements and put together a suitable traffic management design.
  • convert the design into a TMP that complies with all relevant guidelines and the law.
  • source the equipment and manpower needed to implement your construction TMP effectively.
  • complete all set-up requirements, so that everything is in place for when the TMP goes live.
  • implement traffic management as required.
  • operate a cycle of continuous improvement and responsive management.
  • ensure your traffic management project is delivered on time and within the agreed budget.

We can set up a construction TMP in as little as 48-hours. Call us at 1300 313 311 to find out more.

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