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Traffic Management

Ensuring the safety of vehicles, pedestrian workers, members of the public and visitors in your work area is vital to a smooth, effective operation. Unfortunately, without the correct plans and implementation team in place, this can be a challenge. Instead of struggling with appropriate work zone traffic control in-house, why not contract the task out to recognised experts? First Traffic Management is a highly experienced traffic control company that can successfully complete traffic control plans for a wide range of work zone environments.

High-grade work zone traffic control plans

Our team is able to devise an effective work zone traffic management plan (TMP) that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of your organisation. We take the time to look carefully at the specifics of your operation, enabling us to devise a TMP that focuses on safety, legal compliance and convenience. Our plans are flexible enough to accommodate changes in your operation and can be modified to take account of one-off events such as the removal of key plant or the arrival of a larger-than-average item from your suppliers. Note that we offer a FREE TMP for customers who go on to use our services to implement the plan.

Professional traffic management

Our team doesn’t just design TMPs, we are also able to implement every aspect of a traffic management plan. If you need work zone traffic management that requires the use of a stop slow bat, the installation of barriers or the provision of suitable signage, we can cover it. Every member of our team isn’t just well-presented and possesses excellent communication skills, they’re also extremely knowledgeable about what’s needed to ensure safe management plans in civil engineering sites, construction sites, industrial developments, warehouses and more.

VicRoads Pre-Qualified

First Traffic Management is an approved VicRoads Pre-Qualified company. This means that the TMPs we create are automatically approved by VicRoads as suitable for use for work zone traffic management. Our work zone traffic certification ensures there’s no need to request additional approvals: we have the capacity to take care of all relevant traffic management approvals and permissions on your behalf. All our plans are created to a high standard, taking into consideration the safety of all site users, as well as minimising disruption to road users and members of the public.

We have all the necessary equipment for your TMP implementation

As a company that offers traffic management that is implemented in line with nationally recognised standards, we have invested in a comprehensive inventory of suitable equipment. From signage through to water barriers, bollards, utes and more, if it’s needed to implement a work zone TMP, we’ve got it. On the odd occasion when a TMP calls for equipment that we don’t own, we’re happy to hire it for you. First Traffic Management will provide everything necessary not only to set up for your TMP but also to implement it on an on-going basis.

Statement of attainment and statement of completion

In addition to providing a high-grade traffic management option, we also make sure that all the necessary paperwork is in place to show local government, health & safety inspectors or industry professionals that you’ve got a suitably compliant traffic management plan in operation. With the skills and knowledge to deliver any work zone TMP with efficiency and competence, First Traffic Management is the provider of choice for a growing number of businesses across Melbourne and beyond.

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