FAQ – Traffic Management Plan Tips

Every job requires a TMP whether its a local road or a high artillery road this is approved by the governing road authorities, and permits are needed for all work that is on government roads, whether VicRoads or Council roads. This also includes footpaths.

Every Road in Victoria is either governed by Vic Roads or a Local Municipality.
The easiest way to determine which authority is responsible is to check the colour of the road in your Melways – Black & Red Roads are VicRoads other Roads are Local Council Roads.

Any activities proposed on a road that has a bus route will require the Bus Company to give approval of your works before a permit can be issued.

Roads that have Clearways will get restricted permit times they must comply to, usually similar to the Clearway times.

Generally, it takes 15 working days to get a Memorandum of Approval (MOA) to work on Vic Roads designated roads and 7-10 Working days for a local council approval.

First Traffic aims to provide you with a TMP within 48hrs of receiving the scope of work from the client.

Apart of our services include our designing traffic mangement plans (TMP’S), applying for Permits and MOA’s. We will apply for permits, follow up and send all relevant communications to you as soon as they become ready.

Generally it is one Traffic Controller per lane but depending on what needs to be closed, or how big of a detour it is, the TMP, will determine how many controllers are needed.

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