Freeway Traffic Management

Freeway Traffic Management

The perfect option for construction companies, tradespeople and developers, First Traffic Management offers a complete freeway traffic control solution around Melbourne. Highly experienced, including providing traffic control for a number of prestigious projects across Melbourne, our company has the right skills, certification and knowledge to create effective, safe traffic control in almost any situation.

VicRoads Pre-Qualified company

We hold VicRoads Pre-Qualified status. This means that we are able to create a traffic management plan for your project that complies with all relevant legislation and regulations. Once your traffic management planning has been completed, our team is able to implement every aspect of the plan, providing a one-stop solution to the problem of effective, safe traffic management.

Remember that we provide a FREE traffic management plan for our clients, provided that you use us to implement it.

We can do any type of freeway traffic managing and controlling

In the past, we have worked on a number of high-profile freeway pieces of work across Melbourne, including Monash Freeway Alliance Project; MURL North and South; and the Tullamarine-Calder Interchange. Skilled in all aspects of traffic management and road safety, our custom TMPs, coupled with flawless delivery and meticulous attention to detail, ensure that your project ends up with intelligent transportation systems that perform well for the public, your partners and your workforce.

Emphasis on safety

From making sure that a suitable speed limit is imposed to putting in place appropriate barriers to protect pedestrians and workers on the freeway, we make sure that every aspect of our traffic management puts safety first. We recognise that the safety of road users of all types is paramount. Our TMPs balance their needs against those of freeway construction workers, ensuring everyone can share the space with minimal disruption.

Modern, specialist equipment

From water bollards to signage and utes, we’ve got all the equipment needed to set-up and maintain appropriate traffic management control on the freeway. If an additional piece of specialist kit is needed for your project, we will hire it from elsewhere, ensuring that your traffic control is implemented in line with your customized TMP.

Complete traffic management solution

Our team of traffic management consultants are able to cover every aspect of your traffic management. From designing an appropriate traffic management plan that’s fully compliant with relevant legislation through to setting up the necessary equipment and implementing the plan on a day-to-day basis, our personnel will take care of everything.

On-going communication and evaluation

We recognise that there are a number of factors that can influence traffic management, prompting the need to alter traffic management strategies as your project progresses. We strive to maintain excellent communication links with our clients, enabling on-going evaluation of traffic management. If your project requires a change in traffic control (for example, if a larger plant is being delivered or removed from a site, or a new phase of construction is about to commence), we can respond promptly and flexibly. Our aim is to provide responsive traffic management that keeps pace with your freeway construction process.

Highly qualified and extremely experienced team

With more than seven years of successful traffic management behind us, we are an established company that has worked on a wide range of projects in Melbourne and beyond. Used to working to tight deadlines and with a keen understanding of the need for cost control, we are able to deliver a complete freeway traffic control solution.

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