Traffic Management

Traffic Management

Planning your next development project, event, construction job or similar? Why not let us take care of your traffic management needs? First Traffic Management is a VicRoads pre-qualified traffic management company that’s able to successfully manage traffic for projects of all shapes, sizes and duration. From major road closures and diversions through to temporary road traffic control for a few hours whilst a heavy piece of plant is lifted or an event takes place, we have the expertise and traffic control equipment to complete the job successfully.

One of the leading traffic management companies in Melbourne

We provide traffic management Melbourne companies can depend on to provide friendly, professional and high-quality traffic management. As a VicRoads pre-qualified management company, you can depend on us to design and implement premium traffic management plans (TMPs) that are compliant and cost-effective. Remember we offer a FREE TMP when you use our company to implement it.

Our traffic management services includes:

  • Construction sites
  • Civil engineering projects
  • Events
  • Freeway traffic
  • Roadworks of all types

First Traffic Management’s expert, fully qualified team puts safety at the heart of everything we do. Each TMP is constructed to ensure the safety of workers and members of the public. We provide professional traffic management that’s suitable for large-scale, long-term construction as well as smaller jobs. Having partnered with firms completing iconic, prestige projects in and around Melbourne, we have the capacity to implement major traffic management projects in a timely, cost-effective manner.

The type of management activities we can cover includes:

  • Full or partial road closure
  • Diversions
  • Temporary lights
  • Pedestrian safety (including temporary pathways or diversions)
  • Level crossing closures
  • Movement of heavy plant such as cranes
  • Event traffic control (marches, demonstrations, carnivals etc)

Complete traffic control answer

We offer traffic management solutions that are suitable for almost any type of project. When you use us, you can expect to receive:

  • Expert, transparently priced input from a VicRoads pre-qualified traffic management company.
  • Customised TMP that’s created to suit your specific needs.
  • A TMP that has all the necessary approvals.
  • Timely, efficient TMP execution. Our experienced, highly professional team has the right skillset and equipment to deliver your TMP.
  • Regular review and monitoring to ensure your TMP is working well. We view the plan as a living document, ensuring that it’s relevant for the lifetime of your project.

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