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Traffic Management Plans (TMP’s)

An essential part of anything from construction site management to event organisation, a traffic control plans ensures that vehicles, pedestrians, workers and members of the public are able to share space safely. Putting together a plan that satisfies all the necessary requirements can be time-consuming and complex: that’s where we can help.

As a highly experienced traffic management company operating across Melbourne and beyond, we can provide a complete solution to your traffic management requirements. From designing a compliant traffic management plans (TMP) through to obtaining the necessary authorisation for works on roads, and providing the manpower and equipment to turn the plan into reality, we offer a total solution.

What is the difference between a traffic control permit and a Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA)?

Specific permission is required from the relevant authority to carry out roadworks, occupy the road reserve or otherwise disrupt transport and main roads. The type of permission varies, depending on the road occupancy:

  • Permits are issued by the local council, and are required for work on council-owned roads.
  • A Memorandum of Authorisation is required for work taking place on VicRoad owned roads.

Some projects may require both; others may need one or the other.

Traffic Management MOA

What is needed to secure a traffic management permit or MoA?

Before permission can be given, there is a need to submit a traffic management plan. The traffic management plan (TMP) details how road users will be safely managed whilst works are taking place. It will include information on how road and footpath occupants will be managed, as well as what equipment (water bollards, signage etc) will be used to ensure safety at all times.

TMPs are key pieces of documentation which need to comply with a number of different legal requirements and a strict code of practice. These include Australian standard as 1742.3; and the Road Management Act 2004.

First Traffic Management are VicRoads Pre-qualified

We have already demonstrated our ability to create TMPs that are consistently of a high quality and that satisfy all legal requirements. As such, we have achieved VicRoads pre-qualified status. What this means is that if we construct a TMP, it is automatically accepted by VicRoads as suitable to receive a Memorandum of Authorisation. This means faster approval times for our customers: in most cases, if you use us to devise your TMP, you will receive a MoA from VicRoads within fifteen working days. A permit (from the council), will usually be approved within ten working days.

Complete Traffic Management Service

First Traffic Management provides everything that’s needed to design, gain approval for, and implement a control plan.

  • Transparent costings from the outset. Remember we will design your TMP for FREE when you use us to implement it.
  • We will listen carefully to your project needs, then design a high-grade, compliant TMP.
  • Our team will ensure all the necessary approvals are in place.
  • We can provide the equipment and manpower needed to implement your TMP successfully. Our company has a wide range of specialist kit available. If we haven’t got a particular item, we will hire it: there’s no need to worry about subcontracting or individual sourcing.
  • On-going monitoring and evaluation to ensure the plan continues to work successfully.

Whatever the project you’re working on, it’s vital that the relevant permits or MoA is in place. First Traffic Management is a highly experienced company that is proud to serve Melbourne and beyond. With plenty of local knowledge, we’re the traffic management provider of choice for a growing number of construction companies, developers and event organisers.

Please contact us to find out more about the traffic management authorisation process.

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